When to Triple Barrel in Poker

Just as the double barrel should be used when it can be valuable to the player using it, the triple barrel should be reserved for when it truly has value, learn from the experts at gamecardsonline.net site. Obviously, using the triple barrel means playing the river, and this typically comes down to a battle of wills between two players. While every player is different, there are some great times to use the triple barrel in poker.

When Your Opponent is Strong, but Not as Strong as You

The most important time to use the triple barrel is when your opponent has a strong hand and you know it, but you're fairly confident that your hand is stronger. This will do one of two things. Your opponent will feel that his hand is stronger than yours and it will come down to the two of you to get the pot. Or, your opponent will fold and you will still win the pot. Either way, it can be beneficial to you as long as you have a super strong hand, play other casino games like mahjong games.

What Players it Works Best For

If you don't bluff often, the triple barrel will be more effective for you, as long as your opponent is pretty accustomed to your betting style with online casinos. In this situation, your player will naturally assume you're going the distance because you have a smoking hand. If, however, you are bluffing and you go the distance, and he does as well, you stand to lose a nice hand.

Make sure you understand what you're getting in to before using a triple barrel, and make sure the situation really calls for it.