An Explanation of Fold Equity

Fold equity is a strategy many poker players will use and it can be something that helps you in several different games, check different strategies at site. Below is an explanation of what fold equity is and how you can adopt it into a strategy that maximizes your chances of winning.

Watching Other Players

As you play the game, your job is to observe the other players as much as possible and watch how they play the game as well as how often they fold with this poker tips. If you have a player who folds often and seems to be intimidated by large bets, you can use this to your advantage. This in combination with how often you fold is thought of as fold equity.

Playing Tight or Loose

If you're a tight player and you rarely start betting large unless you have a very strong hand, then you will be able to control how other people play to a certain extent and play poker tournaments. You can choose times to bluff with weaker hands if you haven't bet strong in a while and you know a few of the other players are going to fold when you start betting strong. This will almost guarantee that you do well in those hands when you want to bluff.

A great deal of the game of poker is manipulation and fold equity is a part of that. By controlling your own game play and watching the other players closely, you can utilize fold equity as a strategy that will help you win games.