The Importance of Position in MTT Poker Tournaments

Though some guides will dismiss position as unimportant, the truth is position can really change the game in MTT poker tournaments, get the best tips at site. When there are only 25 blinds per stage, it matters a great deal how and when a player calls and raises the stakes of the game.

What Position Is

The player's position is determined by the blinds. If it is a certain player's turn to place the small blind or big blind, then that player is in a weak position to raise or call. After all, he or she already has money on the table and can only alter the amount if someone else chooses to raise or call. The strongest position at the table is always the seat immediate following the blinds in every poker tournaments. That player sets the tone for the rest of the hand.

How to Use Position

Players can use the first position in MTT poker tournaments in a few ways. First, in the earliest stages, if the player has an optimal preflop hand, he or she can raise the stakes dramatically and effectively scare off most of the players. This is only advisable if the preflop hand is truly great with either a high pair or an Ace and a King with Heads Up Poker. If the hand is weaker than this, a large raise can backfire and cost the player the bet.

Players in any other position should carefully follow the lead established by the first position. If the first regularly escalates the pot preflop, chances are he or she is relying on bluffs to get through the hand and know when to Triple Barrel in poker. If the bets are smaller though and more measured, players can bet on building a better hand in the flop.