Poker Tips: How Much to Bet Pre-Flop

Many players have their own strategies for different aspects of the game, and betting pre-flop is something that is widely debated among seasoned players, visit site for best reviews. If you're not sure what you should be betting pre-flop, these tips and tricks will help you out.

Under the Gun

If you're betting under the gun, you're going to want to reduce your opponents. Therefore, you want to play aggressively and knock players off the pot. For this reason, you should be betting somewhere around 4x because when you're opening larger from under the gun, you will intimidate other players who are waffling and learn how to Triple Barrel in poker.

Cut Off Position

If you're in the cut off position, you're going to be closer to the button. You'll have great chances of still being intimidating but it's getting closer. For this reason, you should keep your bet to around 3x.

Other Tips for Opening Bets

You need to monitor the other players and determine whether they're aggressive players or not, and monitor their stacks as well and play Heads Up Poker. Your purpose here is to throw the less serious people off the pot so you're only dealing with other aggressive players. You will then determine your next moves based on the flop and your hand. When you're betting these amounts, you'll intimidate those weaker players because they will feel that you got something really great in the initial cards that justify your bets.

By knowing how to bet pre-flop, you can control the table and increase your odds in each unique hand.