The Tricks to Playing Heads Up Poker

Playing heads up poker, or poker that consists of only two players, is often thought of as some sort of different game; something other than the typical game of poker, enjoy poker at casinos provided by site. The truth is that most of the same theories still apply, and the most important thing is to continue to gauge your opponent the same way you would at any table.


Position is just as important in a heads up game as it is in a game with several people. With a heads up game, you'll get the button position every other hand, so in this type of game, your positions are actually better than they are with a table full of players and know when to use Fold Equity in poker. You'll want to determine whether the player is a tight or aggressive player, so you can gauge your own game and anticipate his moves based on your own moves.

Not Being Predictable

Another very important aspect of playing heads up poker is to not be predictable with the best poker tips. Because the other player has only you to concentrate on, it will be much easier for him to pick apart your game. For this reason, you need to pay special attention to not being predictable. Make sure there is a lot of diversification in your game and that you're playing off of him, by gauging his own patterns.

Heads up poker doesn't mean you have to change your entire thinking about strategies and tips. It simply means that you should be paying closer attention to what's going on and to how the other player is playing and win poker tournaments. Keep your own game varied and play based on what your opponent is moving.